The Pony Express was founded in 1982 by Executive Director Linda Aldrich.  As a young woman, Linda struggled with anxiety, depression, and an eating disorder. Linda found that her passion for horses provided her with a safe place to heal from the trauma of her past, while at the same time gain the courage and confidence to create a similar equine experience for others. Following her passion, Linda found her profession in the healing power of horses.

To this day the equine spirit has guided her every step of her way. Linda has a lifetime of equine experience as a teacher and trainer of horses and their humans including ten years as a riding instructor at SRJC. Linda has also successfully competed in several equine disciplines including dressage, three-day eventing, and show jumping. Linda has her MA in Education and is in the process of completing her MA in Counseling. You can see more about her work with The Pony Express here.


The important thing is to be able (at any moment) to sacrifice what we are for what we can become.

— Charles Dubois