The horses rescued by The Pony Express are often severely neglected, abused, abandoned, or in the process of being sold for slaughter. Once they arrive at The Pony Express, they receive another chance to live and be loved. We couldn't do this without the help of our great support team: our veterinarian, horseshoer, feed and supplement providers, our amazing kids, and valued volunteers. Everyone on our team genuinely cares about our horses' well-beings.

As a result, our horses can do what they do best; serve as teachers and healers of the hearts and souls of hundreds of kids.

It costs $5000 to feed and shelter each of our horses annually.


Jack is a Halflinger pony gelding with a mass of mane and game that gives this pony his fame. His life is now as full as his forelock (you must see his forelock!).

Little Bit

A little bit of mischief and a lot of personality all woven into a perfectly pint size pony package. Little Bit came our way as she was classified as unfit to fill the needs of her previous owners. In actuality the only thing that Little Bit was lacking was training. Little Bit is now trained (by one of our kids) and serves as a valuable member of our herd and home.


Lucy is a delightfully nearly perfect POA pony mare who shares her love and light with all who follow in her little hoof prints. When I first met Lucy she lived in a field filled with broken down cars. Her owners had left her alone and she was very lonely. Now she is surrounded by a horse and human herd that love her for the amazing equine spirit that she is.

Mr. Magoo

Mr. Magoo is a quarter pony gelding with enough giddeup to get you going on a good path.  Magoo was a much loved pony but his family was growing and their budget couldn’t cover his costs. We are very grateful (to people like you) that we can and do.


Peanut is a beautiful bay quarter horse mare with a little sass that will always make you laugh. Peanut came to us after she failed to make the cut in the string of polo ponies that she belonged to. We are so grateful to have her in our family.


Seven is my redheaded (ex) racehorse mare with enough fire and flame to challenge anyone’s game. Although Seven was winning on the racetrack when we met, it was obvious that she was experiencing an emotional breakdown from the extreme amount of physical and mental stress that goes along with the racing industry. Seven, previously known as Laundering Money and a granddaughter of Secretariat is now in a safe place that she can call her forever home.


Cierra is a very talented and sensitive Arab mare with a bit of diva and devil in her that puts her in a class of her own. Cierra’s prior owner had shown her extensively but went on to college and no longer had the time or money to devote to her care. We are grateful to have her join our horse and human herd.


Cooper is the newest member of our herd. At seven years of age he is also the youngest. Cooper is a very kind and loving Thoroughbred gelding who we recently acquired as his previous owner could no longer afford to care for him. We are very excited to welcome him into our herd!


Willow is an Arab cross pony mare with many talents that will bring out the best and the brave in all who cross her path. Willow was previously used in a lesson program. When she proved to be too much pony for her pint sized riders she was sent packing down the road. Willow has unpacked her hay bag for the last time and is able to call our ranch her forever home.


A quarter horse mare with a huge heart that makes everyone feel at home. Once a horse used in a popular lesson program Sweetie was sold down the road. Sadly, her new owner decided to end her days and attempted to have her put down. The call went out to come to her rescue and so we did. Sweetie is now happy, healthy and a valued member of our herd.



Have you met Frankie yet? Our sweet ranch dog with a sweet soul. Frankie is the first to greet you at the Pony Express Ranch and is always happy to see you.