When the Equine Rescue Can No Longer be Rescued?

When the equine rescue can no longer be rescued, what do you do? Not my favorite place to be, as there is no good answer to this question. However, as the Director of an equine rescue it is a question that begs an answer on an all-too- frequent basis.

Having not one, but two of my old souls who are getting older and not better, I know it is a force, and a horse, actually two, that must be reckoned with. Rusty is a pony, a rusty colored pony, who is far more than just a pony. A sensitive old soul, who last year,  lost an eye and probably more than one tooth, but was able to keep on going, is at risk of not going much further.

And then there is Pampa, an ex-polo pony whose claim to fame is that she survived an entire life and times in the profession as a professional polo pony. In her hay day, Pampa competed at the top of her sport. No longer at the top, and inching her way to the bottom, the time has come for decisions to be made.

It is the age old question of quantity or quality and as we age, no matter what species, we can’t have both. When is the right time to say when?  What do you think? Is it better to get older, even when you’re not getting any better? Or is it better to go out on a high note, with your head and tail held high? And who has the right to make that decision? I, for one, would prefer it to be anyone other than myself.

So let me know, what do you think? If it was you, or one of your old and favorite souls, what would you do? And when would you do it? Tough question in need of a tougher answer. May the force of the horses, be with you. Thank you.